I authorize the verification of the information provided as to my credit and employment. I have paid the non-refundable sum of $50 (plus $50 for each additional applicant) to pay for a screening service. I understand the Landlord may accept multiple applicants for any one apartment and has the right of refusal. By placing a booking fee, I fully commit myself to an apartment within the building, which may or may not have slightly different fixtures than the unit that I was shown. My booking fee allows me to sign a lease. If I don’t finalize a lease immediately after placing the booking fee, I am at risk of someone else renting it away from me, in which case my booking fee is forfeited. I understand is it expected to sign the lease immediately after paying the booking fee, because I am fully committed.

I, the purchaser, authorize CityWide Apartments to charge my credit card for Application Fees, Booking Fees, Rent and other Monthly Charges including any processing fees. In addition, I guarantee payment for any services rendered made with my credit card, including renewed cards. I understand that application fees and rental fees are never refundable. The only instance where a charge using my credit card is refundable is if I place a booking fee, and my application is not approved by CityWide Apartments. In this case, I will still not cancel or dispute my payment. Instead, CityWide Apartments will mail a check within 10 days to the billing address provided.

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