Maryland Gardens

Located adjacent to the New Cathedral, this classic Maryland building exudes timeless charm. It’s mere steps from Maryland Plaza, a hub of sought-after restaurants and bars.

The building’s age only adds to its appeal, with a beautifully preserved exterior and a well-maintained interior.

The majority of our residents are young professionals and graduate students, drawn to the locale for its peace and security. Notably, Maryland Ave concludes in a quiet cul-de-sac nearby, minimizing traffic disturbances. Additionally, the proximity to the New Cathedral means the vicinity benefits from consistent monitoring by the church-affiliated security.


Located at

4366 Maryland Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108 63108


Beds Baths $/mo Sq.ft. When? Notes Let's Go!
Studio 1 900 500 All-Inclusive Book Now!
1 1 1050 700 All-Inclusive Book Now!
Central West End
Bar Louie
Cathedral Basilica
Chase Park Plaza Hotel
Forest Park
Maryland Plaza
Public Library
Schnucks on Lindell
St. Louis College of Pharmacy
Whole Foods
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